Infinitec was my first startup. I co-foundered it with Ahmad Zahran in mid 2009.

Ahmad came up with a great idea to develop an consumer USB drive which allowed streaming of content to any device with a USB port. He came up with the initial designs (which he later submitted to the patent office) and we discussed forming a business.

My role was very technology focused. The idea was for me to focus on the Technology until we launched then focus on the marketing on the product.

I was involved in every technical aspect of the device from design, prototyping, assembly, test, software, loading, and shipping.

My background was software engineering so learning hardware design and design for manufacturability was a steep learning curve in the short time we had to launch.

Officially, my role was CMO and Acting CTO however being a startup, you end up doing everything including making coffee’s and vacuuming the office floors.

Key Achievement during my time at Infinitec included:

  • Built, Launched and Sold the first product within 12 months from Tender.
  • Sold in 38 countries
  • Developed 2 new technology “world’s first” (one patent-pending) as part of the product’s R&D phase.
  • Managed a Virtual Team of over 50 people to deliver the product within 12 months.
  • Negotiated and closed deals with 14 companies in US, Canada, China, India, Russia, Spain and UAE.
  • Issued 7 Request for Proposals (RFP) and managed tendering process with over 100 companies.
  • Managed the Hardware Design, Software Engineering and Test, Logistics and Assembly of the IUM.
  • Achieved company and product exposure locally and globally. Media outlets of note include: BBC World, Engadget, IGN, The National, Emirates News and Dubai Eye. Click Here to see examples of the press coverage.

Ahmad has since moved on with his second product, the Pocket TV. He funded it via Kickstarter, raising $500K USD and shipping in November 2012. See for more information