Nokia Networks

I joined Nokia Networks just before the merger with Siemens Networks.

This was a very interesting time as Nokia and Siemens had very different styles of communication, trust, and role boundaries.

I was involved in some joint bids just prior to the merger which involved working under non-disclosure agreements while we shared product and solution portfolio information.

During my time at Nokia Networks (and merged into Nokia Siemens Networks) I had the role of Solution Consultant for our Consulting and Solution Integration division. I was based in Kuwait during this time.

Key Achievements included:

  • Sales Lead for the VAS & OSS in the Greenfield Turnkey for Saudi Arabia Deal sold for $1B USD in Total. Click here for more information.

Solution Consultant Saudi Arabia:

  • Delivered the entire network in 8 months.
  • Closed additional upsell opportunities worth 3m Euros while building the network.

Solution Consultant for Kuwait:

  • Managing a Sales Funnel of 7m Euros.
  • Recognised revenue of 2.5m Euros.
  • New orders valued at 1m Euros for H2 07.