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Telenor Pakistan

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During my role as Head of Bid Management for the Consulting and Systems Integration division at Nokia Siemens Networks, I worked on many major bids for the region.

The Telenor Pakistan deal involved upgrading their 2G, and providing 3G mobile network infrastructure and services in several phases. The deal was valued at several 100s of millions of Euros.

My team developed the solution design for each phase detailing the evolution of their network from the initial phase to completion.

This solution design demonstrated to Telenor Pakistan that we were the right company to deliver their network vision and gave them confidence to award the deal to Nokia Siemens Networks.

As you can see the from video, Telenor Pakistan were very pleased with the results.

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Source: http://www.nokiasiemensnetworks.com/portfolio/customer-successes/success-stories/telenor-pakistan-stays-ahead-in-the-highly-competitive-


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